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Located at W225S6775 Guthrie Dr. Big Bend, WI 53103, Innovative Performance is your one stop shop for anything kart racing related! Innovative Performance is an official Tony Kart and Vortex engine dealer offering a full line of karts, engines, parts, and clothing. We also offer in house engine rebuilds and blueprinting services. These products coupled with Innovative’s experience in kart setup, driving expertise, and track support at local, regional, and national events can make your pursuit of a karting championship achievable.

About Us

We are a full service Kart Shop.

Where it all started

It all started 3 years ago when Scott, son, and Rick, father, decided that it was time to combine their skills and help others succeed. With kart wins locally, regionally, and competitive finishes nationally, Scott has the on track skills and knowledge to provide you with all of your tuning needs. As they say, like father like son, Rick also has on track experience as a drag racer. On top of on the track help, they do engine tuning and blueprinting. All of these skills combined can be the .10 sec difference between 1st and 5th you want.

Where we are today

Innovative Performance clinched the 2014 Leopard 125 Senior class in the Route 66 Sprint Series. In addition, the team has several Pole Positions, wins in regional series around the Midwest, and local championships under our belts. With our products and services, we keep you up to date with the ever changing racing kart technologies.

Plans for the future

We plan on doing what we’ve been doing; providing grade A support to all of our customers and combining that with wins! We have a winning reputation that competes with many larger scaled kart shops, and we plan to continue to innovate the karting world as we know it. Our team is always expanding, if you are interested in joining the Innovative Performance team please visit our contact us page, fill out the form, and let us know what services we can help you out with!

What we do

We offer the following services and more.


Innovative Performance Services

Meet the team

We are Innovative Performance

Rick Kopp

Founder/Chief Mechanic

Rick is the ultimate decision maker. With many years of experience with drag racing, many years of tuning Scott’s Kart when they started out, and just an overall depth of knowledge, Rick can always help you with anything and everything. So, whether it be team related, money related, what axle you should run, or anything in between, he is the glue that holds this team together.

Scott Kopp

Founder/Mechanic/Senior Driver

Scott is more or less the team captain. With several years racing under his belt he has the knowledge and experience to help you get your kart set up. He lives and breathes Innovative Performance. He can race, set your kart up, work on his kart, set up someone else’s kart, and fine tune everyones carb settings all before the next session. Look for this guy if you need help.

TJ Koyen

Senior Driver/Designer

Mix Ayrton Senna with Alain Prost and what do you get? TJ Koyen is what you get. Obviously he isn’t racing formula 1, but on a kart racing scale he is the man to beat. He runs and wins nationally with national championships to back it up. Trust us, you will always see him on the podium. And when he isn’t winning, you can find him designing our logos, painting our helmets, and much much more!

Tommy Andersen

Senior Driver

This guy is crazy fast and crazy good. With national and regional titles under his belt, it would be crazy for him to not be on our team. Tommy has been racing for us for the past 2 years now, and he will still be up front whether in perfect health or winning with the flu. Paired with our Tony Kart and Engine package, everyone better watch out.

Patrick Olsen

Senior Driver

We’re setting him free! Patrick Olsen, the man, the myth, the legend. This 3 time national champ is headed over to the Innovative camp to run the Leopard 125 Senior class for the United States Pro Kart Series. All this guy wants is some good stiff competition, and he will get it there!

Josh Hotz

Senior Driver

Young, anxious, fast, and skilled. Josh Hotz is our up and coming speed racer. With several wins and podiums under his belt he will be looking at taking his shot at this years Leopard 125 Senior Championship.

Will Stone

Junior Driver

Will Stone is moving from a pretty fast kart to a really fast kart. Look for this kid to jump from the top of the charts to the very top of the charts! He finished in the Top 10 of the Route 66 Sprint Series last year and only raced half of the races! Watch for this kid, he’ll be looking to make a name for himself.

Matthew Northrop

Junior Driver

One of our youngest speedsters is Matthew Northrop. Finishing 6th in the Route 66 Regional Sprint Series and taking home a podium is a great start for this youngster. Watch out this year, as we’ll work hard to mentor him to the front!

Zachary Collins

Junior Driver

This 5 year veteran is racing at the healthy young age of 9! This pro started in kid karts at the age of 4, and has been honing his skills to become the best that’s out there. Look for him to be running our micro rok engine package combined with our Tony Kart package this season in the Route 66 Sprint Series!

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